Maximum functionality for a minimum price

CARTOMAP Express for 999€  

Installation in a PC

The license is tied to a PC. You can uninstall it to move the license to another PC.

Maximum functionality

Includes the first 3 modules of CARTOMAP: 1 "Surveying, CAD and Terrain Modeling", 2 "Profiles and Volume calculation" and 3 "Engineering Projects and 3D Views".

See module 1    See module 2    See module 3

Two capacities

  • CARTOMAP Express Basic: You can work on projects of up to 10,000 survey points, ideal for projects in classical surveying.
    If your needs grow, you can use a larger capacity license simply by applying the price difference. We protect your investment.
  • CARTOMAP Express Unlimited: No capacity constraints. You can work on your projects with billions of points, large cartography, etc.

Minimum price

  • CARTOMAP Express Basic: 999€ for the first license, 899€ for aditional licenses 799€ for every license in a pack of 5.
  • CARTOMAP Express Unlimited: 1.999€ for the first license, 1.799€ for aditional licenses 1.599€ for every license in a pack of 5.

Maximum return on investment

Within minutes you can have CARTOMAP Express running on your PC thanks to the fast and easy installation and activation system.