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  • Latest version CARTOMAP 8.2 (Jan. 2019)
    Multidimensional symbols for 2D views, longitudinal and transversal profiles and 3D views.
    Linear symbols in type sections with drawn in 2D / 3D views and longitudinal and transversal profiles.
    Other improvements and corrections.
  • CARTOMAP 8.2 (Dec. 2018)
    Regular mesh models with Google Earth elevations using the new Google Maps Platform user accounts.
    Other improvements and corrections.
  • CARTOMAP 8.2 (Nov. 2018)
    Improvements in the support of ultra high definition UHD / 4K monitors.
    Other improvements and corrections.
  • CARTOMAP 8.2 (Oct. 2018)
    Support for ultra high resolution UHD / 4K monitors.
    Cross sections with new segments to link sections and to incorporate symbols on the section.
    Other improvements and corrections.
  • CARTOMAP 8.1 (July 2018)
    Improved import of DWG, DXF and DGN.
    Import with encoding in SurvCE format and improved autoscketch.
    Terrain models displaced in height.
    Mesh volume calculation using several regions.
    Assignment of ground layers using models.
    Other improvements and corrections.
  • CARTOMAP 8.1 (May 2018)
    New elements imported from DWG and DXF.
    Volume blocks, assignable for each axis, to facilitate the volume calculation.
    Other improvements and corrections.